As the creator of AlpackaMap, my goal is to bring durable, packable, and accurate maps to those wanting to explore the outdoors of central Pennsylvania and beyond.

My love for maps and cartography began when I was a young child, and I ended up earning a B.S. in Geography from Penn State. I decided to combine this love with my passion for outdoor adventure and start my own map-making business, AlpackaMap, which focuses on mini-maps specifically designed for outdoor recreation.

I intend for all the maps I create (with the exception of those specifically contracted otherwise) to be small and packable, usually 8.5×5.5″ (half the size of a regular sheet of paper). For best results, they are meant to be used in conjunction with larger-scale maps to get a full picture of the area they depict.

In addition to making maps, I love cycling, paddling, hiking, exploring, writing, photography, rock climbing, and discovering new places (both far away and close to home). I love sharing these experiences with others, and inspiring people to get out there and see all the world has to offer.

-Helena Kotala



2 comments on “About

  1. Hi! Is there any way I can get a few copies of the Raystown Allegripis Trail system Alpacamap? We had some from Dirtfest but managed to loose them all. Now we regret not providing more careful ownership of these awesome maps!


    • Hi Mark! Are you fairly local? We have them for sale at Rothrock Outfitters at the very steep price of $1. I could also ship you some, if you’re too far away!

      Eventually (sooner rather than later) I’m going to set up some method of purchasing them through my website. Until then, we’ll figure out some way of getting you squared away. Thanks for your interest!


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